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Acupuncture is the fine insertion of single-use disposable needles to move the blood and qi (energy) of the body along meridians, like road maps of the body that connect to internal organs, to treat disease.  There are 365 standard acupuncture points used and a selection of these made based on patients diagnosis.

Initial Consult

  • Acupuncture Only: $120 60 mins

  • Nerve-Stimulation Therapy, Acupuncture, Cupping: $130 75 mins

  • Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine/ / Nutritional Medicine Breech Baby Acupuncture (Home treatment Package following)Consult: $140 60 mins

Repeat Consult and Treatment

  • Acupuncture: $90   60 mins

  • Nerve-Stimulation Therapy, Acupuncture, Cupping: $90 60 mins

  • Nerve-Stimulation Therapy, Cupping: $60 30 mins

Pre & Post IVF Acupuncture: $170 ($90/$80) 2 X 60 mins

Labour Induction: $90 60 mins

Medicare &  Private Heath Rebates available on selected services.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicines are powerful botanical agents (no animal products used) to treat various forms of illness and disease based on using ancient formulas according to an individuals body type and 9.50nting health condition.  Generally, powdered herbs are prescribed for most presenting conditions and require simply mixing with boiling water and drinking.  No preparation or cooking time is required.  Raw herbal medicines for external skin application are prescribed for dermatological (skin) conditions and may require preparation and cooking time.  Patent pills (pre-formulated Chinese herbal medicines) are prescribed if the condition is less complex and does not require a specific herbal medicine formula to be dispensed to achieve results.

KPC Granulated Herbal Medicines (Taiwanese Herbal Medicines) used only in clinic.

(See www.kpc.com for details re: manufacturing process and quality assurance).

Initial Consult

  • Chinese & Nutritional Medicine consult: $130 60 mins

Repeat Consult 

  • Short: $65 30 mins

  • Long: $95 50 mins


  • Chinese Herbal Medicine (powder form): $0.80/g

  • Chinese Patent Pills: $19 - $36

Chinese Herbal Medicine dispensing fee: $9.50 (if items are dispensed outside consult)

Medicare &  Private Heath Rebates available on selected services.


Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicines are supplements based on high therapeutic dosages of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in the body and high therapeutic dosage of Western herbal and medicinal food sources.

Nutritional Medicine supplements: Price variable upon prescription

Nutritional Planning

Based on using food as medicine, and in accordance with what research has now clearly demonstrated, nutritional planning involves review of daily eating patterns and habits to develop a list of suggested foods that promote healing of the body.  This is done in accordance with Chinese medicine theory and a persons differential diagnosis and presenting health condition.

Nutritional (Dietary) Planning: $130 60 mins (using food as medicine in accordance with Chinese medicine diagnosis)

Fertility Counselling

Fertility counselling services are offered with a focus on managing the emotional and physical impact of fertility.  Fertility counselling can be provided for both individuals/ couples experiencing issues whilst undergoing both natural or assisted fertility treatment.  Issues often addressed include:

  • Preparing for fertility treatment, and making decisions about your treatment

  • Impact on relationships

  • Coping with pregnancy losses and/ or unsuccessful treatment cycles

  • Coping with emotions around other people’s pregnancies, births and children

  • Talking about how your family, friends and colleagues behave or reactions

Meredith provides fertility counselling as a private service or as part of the Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan obtained from a General Practitioner (Medicare rebates available).

Counselling: $160 Couple Counselling: $170
(Medicare rebate (if eligible) ($75.95) (60 mins)

Mind-body Counselling

Mind-body counselling is offered as part of general supportive counselling. Mind-body counselling has a focus on the physical manifestations of our emotions within the body. Mind-body counselling is based on the recognition that the mind affects the body and vice versa, and that both mind and body are interrelated parts of a whole. It involves using techniques to enhance the mind’s influence on the body to improve how people feel — mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Meredith provides counselling as a private service or as part of the Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan obtained from a General Practitioner (Medicare rebates available).

Counselling: $160 Couple Counselling: $170
(Medicare rebate $75.95) 60 mins

PLEASE NOTE (August 2019)

Appointments are available for all new & existing private Fertility Counselling patients. No new referrals for Mind-Body Counselling are being taken at this time.



Toddlers and babies are not able to be accommodated for by staff in clinic whilst patients attend acupuncture sessions. This in the interest of all persons and patients attending the clinic as there are multiple clinic rooms. Please discuss at time of making your appointment if you require. We appreciate your understanding in providing a space that is conducive for all.

HICAPS (on the spot) rebates are available. If you would like to know how much your health fund will pay each visit, contact your health fund directly and quote item number 103 (initial visit) and 203 (follow up visit) to determine gap fee.


24 hours notice of cancellation is required or a fee of $140.00 (initial)/$90.00 (return) will apply