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Natural Fertility

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Natural Fertility

Supporting your body to conceive naturally using acupuncture, Chinese medicine, nutritional medicine and dietary support


Your body is always working towards conceiving naturally, we are here to help you to achieve this.


How can Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine improve your chance of natural conception?


Today, women are increasingly turning to Chinese medicine to enhance their fertility, and for good reason.

Chinese Medicine has a long history spanning 3000 years, assisting women with reproductive health problems. Chinese medicine offers individuals and couples wishing to conceive a holistic and individualised treatment.

Using an integrated approach

Often, Chinese medicine be used together with western medicine for improved results. It is important that your western medicine doctor and Chinese medicine practitioner are aware of all treatments that you are undertaking.

What will a practitioner do?

A practitioner will assess each partner on their reproductive health but also their general health including their sleep quality, digestion, body pains and mental health. The practitioner will observe the patient’s tongue, and palpate their pulse and abdomen to further understand how the patient may have a health imbalance that impacts on their fertility. An individual diagnosis is made and treatment plan tailored to achieve the best result for the patient. This means that the treatment for one person may vary greatly from another.

Research is beginning to highlight the role of the health and diet of both partners prior to conception on the future health of the child. This idea has long been held in Chinese medicine theory. A Chinese medicine practitioner can assist future parents to improve their health prior to conceiving.

Treating the root cause

Patients present in the clinic having tried to conceive naturally for a period of time, or may have been given a diagnosis of infertility or subfertility by their specialist. This may include endometriosis, ovulation problems including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), amenorrhoea (no period for at least three months) or reduced egg quality. Some of these conditions may be improved (eg. PCOS to enhance regular ovulation) through Chinese medicine, while others such as blocked fallopian tubes will require western medical treatment.

The unique practice of Chinese medicine is to treat the root cause a patients condition. When a Chinese medicine practitioner integrates both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines, conditions such as irregular or painful cycles, anovulation (lack of ovulation) and ovulatory dysfunction can be addressed.

Male fertility factor


Male factor infertility accounts for around a third of infertility in couples. Sperm count, motility (movement) and morphology (shape) can be assessed via a simple semen analysis. Your Chinese medicine practitioner may use the laboratory results to tailor their treatment. Chinese medicine has shown to improve sperm quality.




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