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Dr. Meredith O'Loughlan (TCM)

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Dr. Meredith O’Loughlan (TCM)  is a registered acupuncturist, Chinese medical herbalist, Nutritional & Functional Medicine practitioner, counsellor and researcher.

Dr. Meredith O’Loughlan (CMD) has a well developed, working understanding and appreciation of the body, illness and disease and how to support individuals to restore and maintain their bodies to participate fully in life. Meredith has been a private practitioner for 20 years.

Meredith’s studied at RMIT University (5 years) with strong emphasis on Western medical Sciences.  She then completed a Master of Applied Science in Pharmacology on properties of a Chinese herb, Salvia miltiorrhiza (dan shen), used in women’s health, and a study on herb-drug interactions. Further postgraduate studies in Nutrition and Environmental medicine (ACNEM) with focus on digestive and immune system disease.

Initial studies and practice in Social Work, Meredith provides counselling via Medicare to integrate mind and body to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.  Meredith is a registered IVF Fertility Counsellor for Ballarat IVF and provides support for patients at various stages of their treatment.

Meredith is an active member of the community providing talks for the general public and health care practitioners on Chinese medicine, acupuncture and the role of food as medicine for prevention and better management of disease. Meredith was born and raised in Ballarat and enjoys working and being a part of the Ballarat community.  A full-time mother of two busy children, practicing part-time and enjoys learning mandarin, meditation practice and playing violin.

Meredith has been living well with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 18 years, managing solely on combined Nutritional and Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Meredith has developed her own treatment protocol in working with MS and other autoimmune conditions to effectively manage symptoms and reduce disease progression. Her practice is evidenced based following research in Pharmacology of Chinese medicine.

Clinical experience

  • Integrative Medicine Practitioner - 2005 - current

  • Monash Medical Centre/ The Northern Hospital: Social Work: Oncology & Palliative Care and Obstetrics & Gynecology, Emergency Department, ICU/CCU

  • The Northern Hospital: Acupuncture (Emergency Department)1998-1999


  • Master of Applied Science (Pharmacology) (RMIT): 2009 - 2012 (RMIT Scholarship)

  • ACNEM (Nutritional Medicine) (Primary Course) (Melbourne): 2006

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology)/ Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) (RMIT): 1999 - 2005

  • Bachelor of Social Work (VUT): 1994-1996

  • Bachelor of Arts (Ballarat University): 1992 - 1994

Professional Registration & Membership

  • AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency)

  • AACMA (Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association)

  • AASW (Australian Association of Social Workers)

  • ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine)

  • FSA (Fertility Society of Australia)

Course/ Conferences

  • All Diseases Begin in the Gut (Michael Ash: Bioceuticals): 2005

  • Dousing the flames: (Michael Ash: Bioceuticals): 2006

  • Immunotherapy (Michael Ash: Bioceuticals): 2008

  • Pregnancy, Maternity & Beyond (Tabitha McIntosh): 2010

  • Chinese Medicine & IVF (Kathryn Taylor): 2011

  • Working With It: Managing Anxiety & Depression (Bev Aisbett): 2011

  • Mood Disorders in Chinese Medicine: Depression/ Anxiety (Tony Reid): 2011

  • Drug-Herb Interactions and Chinese Medicine: 2013

  • VIPASSANA Art of Living 10-day Silent Meditation Course: 2018